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It’s OFFICIAL! June is “Bad Accounting Practices Awareness Month!”
posted by MVI | Jun 9 2015 - 12:51pm

We may not be issued MVI “black ribbons” but bad accounting practices go virtually undetected in many organizations. Follow this link to watch the video, Bad Hospice Accounting Practices, an excerpt from the most recent CFO Program.

THIS SHOULD BE VIEWED BY ALL CEOS!!!!!!! Why? Because the CEO is the REAL CFO as he or she holds the purse strings! Here is a list of what you should as well as what you should NOT be doing.

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Time to Upgrade F9!
posted by MVI | Nov 6 2013 - 1:09pm

In July we talked about upgrading your F9 version.  We are mentioning it again because after December 31st of this year, the special upgrade pricing will no longer be available. Right now you can upgrade a single F9 license to Version 5 for $550. (Regular price: $1,100)

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Program: The MVI CFO Program 
“The CFO workshop is the most effective way to obtain the tools the CFO needs in the toolbox! Simple, clear, effective and awesome are a few ways to characterize those tools. The CFO can be a change agent to assist the Hospice agency to become a World-Class service organization it is called to be!”
Brenda Mayhall, Hospice of Marshall County