Vendor Short List

We often get requests from Hospices for names of experts in areas outside the scope of MVI, including patient-management vendors, service organizations, consultants, utility software, and other Hospice-focused entities. Here is our “short list" of experts that we recommend to our clients. An individual or organization does not get on the Short List unless they have demonstrated excellence in customer service and quality of services. Here is our list of our most trusted individuals and companies that truly can help a Hospice in their respective areas of expertise:

Wise Hospice Options - Grant Faubion

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM Network) designed specifically for Hospice to improve drug utilization and reduce costs. Grant is a "boutique" pharmacy vendor and does not desire to serve every Hospice. In addition Grant is an expert in DME and Medical Supplies and will review a Hospice's DME and Medical Supply costs for no charge.
Phone: 800.856.9757 or 405.285.1902
Email: gfaubion@wiseop.com

Donor Express – Bob Holder

Donor Tracking Software. These folks have been doing this for a LONG time and provide excellent customer support. Donor Express has replaced Raiser's Edge in many Hospice organizations. This system is also great for tracking Cash Receipts and integrates with CYMA out of the box!
Phone: 828.264.2577
Email: bob@donorexpress.com
Web: www.donorexpress.com

Optimum Hospice Solutions - Rita Burch & Heidi Owen

Rita and Heidi are the "go-to" experts in the Volunteer area. Rita's Hospice is also a consistent benchmark setting organization in terms of financial performance. Also, they also do a great job with feasibility studies.
Phone: 828.247.0979
Email: contact@optimumhospice.com
Web: www.optimumhospice.com


The Watershed Group - Patti Moore

Patti is a highly trustworthy person and one of the most likable people you will ever meet! Clinical Review, Documentation, CONs, feasibility studies are all in her arena.
Phone: 352.495.2800
Email: pattimoore@thewatershedgroup.com


ZipScan – Alan Jones

When people attend our tough training events, they often ask about our grading scanner. The ZipScan is tough as a tank, easy to use and incredibly accurate. We can grade 80 CLP attendees, each with 4 answer forms, in less than an hour! If education is a big deal at your hospice, this is the system.
Phone: 801.947.0490
Email: allen@zip-scan.com


Hospice Fundamentals

This is the company that Susan Balfour formed with Roseanne Berry and Charlene Ross. Comprehensive regulatory monitoring, analysis and expert support in a unique monthly subscription product affordable to hospices of all sizes… approached with common sense and years of practical experience.
Phone: 919.491.0699
Web: www.hospicefundamentals.com


Weatherbee Resources, Inc.

These folks have done a great job in the compliance and documentation areas. They are great people, high integrity and have never disappointed in our book.
Phone: 866.969.7124
Web: www.weatherbeeresources.com


Hamilton Insurance Agency

Since 1982, under the leadership of President & CEO Alan J. Zuccari, Hamilton Insurance Agency (HIA) has become one of the nation’s leading authorities in providing comprehensive insurance and risk management services with a focus on the long-term care industry.
Phone: 800.275.6087
Web: www.hamiltoninsurance.com



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