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Learning from the CNA
posted by MVI | Oct 12 2018 - 11:46am

A few weeks ago I was helping a Hospice build self-learning modules for nurses. We were filming a video for the nurse visit. It was . . . fine. All the points in the visit structure were there. Technically nothing was missed. But something was missing. Warmth. Touch. Caring. I asked who their best CNA was and could she come in. We gave talked with her a bit and got the following bits of information. Then we asked her to show us how she does a visit. It was quite moving. We filmed it of course, and now all the nurses at this Hospice will learn “touch” from this self-learning module.

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Top 10 Biggest Hospice Mistakes
posted by MVI | Mar 1 2018 - 6:57am

In 20 years of serving Hospice we’ve seen a lot of mistakes. One was the CEO who bought a cow for the Hospice. Another was the CEO who asked her CFO to create a 10-year budget. Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry . . . or just shake your head. Fortunately, nearly all mistakes are fixable--or you just live with them. But some mistakes can be fatal to an organization. We want to prevent that. And for many Hospices, we have. For many others, we’ve shared our experiences and helped prevent them from going down painful roads.

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The Truth about Quality
posted by MVI | Oct 21 2015 - 1:03pm

People Development & the Model - The Most Insightful of All MVI Programs - November 9 & 10, 2015

This is one of the least attended but most helpful of all MVI programs. IF a Hospice has the courage to adopt the training practices of the 90th percentile – it is a game-changer! Ponder these statements:

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Spirituality - An Unobvious Link to Phenomenal Quality and Results
posted by MVI | Apr 7 2015 - 10:37am

Creating a Workplace of Spirituality and Meaning

One of the keys to creating a sustainable, high-quality organization is the ability to attract and retain talented people. Turnover is extremely expensive and destroys quality. Loss of talented staff greatly harms an organization. The loss of talent destroys consistency/predictability at minimum. Loss of talented leaders is the quickest and the greatest destroyer of value as the loss has a multiplier factor.

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MCOs and ACOs Love the Model!
posted by MVI | Aug 12 2013 - 11:22am

An interesting trend is occurring with MCOs (Managed Care Organizations) and ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) and their relationships with hospices. Many are choosing to partner with hospices that do the Model over those that don’t. My jaw has dropped repeatedly since the end of 2012 and throughout this year as I witness hospices using the Model to sell value to strategic partners. This means that many MVI clients are poised well! Yea!

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posted by MVI | Aug 12 2013 - 11:19am

If a hospice has moved from the paradigm of being “a provider of care” to that of being “a teaching organization” first and foremost, then teaching clinicians “how to teach” during the visit would be a topic that would receive tremendous intention. It should not be assumed that clinicians inherently have these skills. These teaching skills would be based on the methods employed by the most effective teachers that a hospice can find and the practices would be translated to the visit setting.

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Program: The MVI CFO Program 
“Thank you Andrew! Being new to the Hospice and Medical industry, this material and training will absolutely change my perspective of the job that I am in. I have been challenged out of the comfort zone and have been armed with a great selection of tools that I can take back and Teach!”
Barry Dowell, Mountain Valley