Board of Directors: The Hospice of Tomorrow Program

Board of Directors: The Hospice of Tomorrow Program is normally a half-day retreat that addresses current realities, issues and trends. Then the program then shifts to bringing awareness of the strategic and tactical innovations of the Hospices that are leading our movement. The goal of this program is to provide a candid, no-nonsense dialogue concerning how a Hospice can position itself TODAY for what will be needed in the FUTURE based on quantified Best Known Practices. This program will also provide an inspirational vision of the Hospice of tomorrow. The Board of Directors usually makes some of the most important strategic decisions of a Hospice. This program will help a Hospice avoid catastrophe and unnecessary missteps as well as arm Board members with a genuine grasp of what needs to be done to become a top-rung Hospice.  Scheduled individually by individual Hospice programs. Andrew also spends a half-day with staff and leadership if requested.

This event is scheduled by Hospices individually.  Email us to get your Hospice Signed Up!


Training Introduction: 
This program is a half-day retreat that addresses current issues, trends, and brings to light the innovations of outlier and leading-edge hospice programs.

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Andrew Reed, CPA
$8,000 plus manuals if requested
Group Live
Leadership Experience
Scheduled Training: 
This workshop is scheduled by Hospices and Homecare organizations individually


“I have been in a leadership position for more than 30 years and this has been the BEST experience in leadership development! This program made it seem simple and Andrew’s delivery of the content was excellent!”


Terry Sercombe’s, Capital Caring