CEO Retreat in September 18 & 19!

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A Journey of Self-Discovery through the Pragmatic Realities of Leading an Organization!

Being a CEO, especially of a Hospice, is quite a journey! It is a profound journey of growth! In fact, it is a Spiritual journey to say the least if we are true “believers” in what we do! It is a cumulative experience with tremendous responsibility for the welfare of others that helps fuel our growth and fulfill this tremendously valuable and revolutionary Hospice mission!

As part of the 20th anniversary of MVI, we invite all CEOs to attend this retreat. We are offering a discount, charging only $500 instead of the normal $1,750. I would love to see you at this very special event! It is an opportunity to really discuss as a group what you face! As well as what can be done if it is known!

We all need renewal sometimes! We all need fresh perspective! We all need Energy! That is what we will be serving up! Along with tons of hard-core, concrete practices that will simplify and make management and work EASIER!

If you think this would be beneficial or feel led in some way, let us know if you will be attending! I never want to pressure, manipulate or coerce anyone about anything…whether it be a specific practice or use of any of our products or services. The job is only to be as helpful and supportive as we can be…

 Serving from a place of Love for All

~ Andrew, CEO & Chief Teaching Officer


Program: People Development & the Model:
“This program requires the attendee to step out of their comfort zone and take a HARD look at their practice of training…and to realize it is often done very poorly.”


Bobbi Len, Northern Illinois Hospice