CEOs: It's really about the seats on the bus

February 5, 2019 - 8:28am -- bill.taylor@mul...

It really is about the seats on the bus.
This is where CEOs earn their keep.

Two Hospices a thousand miles apart. One is 120
ADC, the other 150. The first has an 8-hour a week
Compliance Officer. Smooth. Tells staff what she
wants, and they do it. The other has more than 3
FTEs in Compliance. Crazy busy. I asked them to
communicate deficiencies to staff so they can selfregulate.
Compliance team blow-up ensues. An
example of the right person and wrong person on the
Great Hospices always have

  • A Great Medical Director
  • A Great Compliance Officer
  • Great Clinical Managers
  • Great Outreach People
  • Good Financial People
  • One perfect person responsible for teaching—a WOW! Teacher

Don’t mess these pieces up. Any of them can take
you down. Weakness in any of them will stunt your
growth. The CEO is entrusted to get this right. And if
he or she doesn’t, it’s not just the organization that
suffers. It’s the whole community.
MVI teaches that if a department isn’t working, look
first at the Leader. That applies to every department
and every organization. We teach that Managers
must have:

  • Intelligence/Talent
  • Energy
  • Integrity

Two out of three does not work. All culminate in Self-
Want to know who your worst NON-Clinical Managers
are? Ask the clinicians. Clinicians get disrespected
by them all the time. Want to know who your best
Clinical Managers are? Ask clinicians who they’d like
to work for? Want to know the biggest weaknesses
in your organization? Ask the Outreach People. They
know all the warts before you do. Want to know who
the worst clinicians are? Look at your list of service
failures over the past three months. You do get those,
right? We teach that all service failures must be
reported to the CEO immediately.


Program: People Development & the Model:
“I am very excited to bring this information back to my agency. Although we are Home Health, the concepts and direction will definitely work!”


~Terri Sheehan, PSF Home Health