The CFO Program

The CFO is one of the most important positions in a hospice. The CFO has perhaps the biggest paddle in the hospice canoe regarding direction, with the exception of the CEO. Why? Because the CFO is armed with some of the most persuasive data in the organization, the quantified facts of the business…data! The underlying truth with all businesses is that the economic model MUST work. To be effective, the CFO must accurately quantify the current state of the organization, interpret the situation with predictive insight of the future, formulate strategies, and influence others to execute positive action. The EVIDENCE of an effective CFO is in the numbers! An effective CFO can help a hospice be radically successful. A poor CFO can help a hospice out of business. The purpose of the program is to instill the financial leadership mindset, the technical skills, and the deep knowledge of the numbers to be an effective hospice CFO into individuals that desire to be better at the position. To achieve this end, participants will undergo a sequence of testing, evaluation, training, and retesting until the subject matter is mastered. The program was designed by Andrew based on his experience as the CFO of numerous hospices and the insight gained from working with literally hundreds of hospices. The program is an intense 2 1/2 days in duration. Participants are removed from their respective environments by coming to Hendersonville or an alternative site. Absolute FOCUS is given to the subject matter that is critical to being an effective CFO. A single comprehensive test is given. Once a question of the exam is successfully completed, it is no longer necessary to be retested on the question on days 2 or 3. It is desired that all participants pass all sections and successfully answer every question.

Participants will learn: 
The Mindset of an Effective CFO
The Measures and Metrics of Hospice Operations
What are Good Numbers
Scenario Analysis
Best Practices
About MVI tools
Flat Rock, NC | The MVI Retreat Center
Training Introduction: 
The CFO is one of the most important positions in a hospice. The CFO has perhaps the biggest paddle in the hospice canoe regarding direction, with the exception of the CEO.
Training Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2019 - 8:16am to Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 12:30pm

The difficulty of the program is relative to the talents, preparation, and skills of the individual. Successful participants should feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in what they KNOW. This is a difficult program and upon completion, participants should have a great sense of achievement. Andrew will conduct the program. The cost of the 2 1/2 day program is $2,250 per participant. MVI offers a $250 discount for participants that register 1 month prior to a program. This helps us with planning as we try to provide high-quality events with tremendous attention to the details of the experience.

CEOs are also welcome. Participants will be tested on computer skills on-line before or after the program.

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Andrew Reed, CPA
$2,250 per participant ($250 discount with early registration)
Repeat Attendee Cost: 
CPE Hours: 
NASBA Approved: 21 CPE Hours


Program: The MVI CFO Program:
“To understand and FULLY execute the Model, I would recommend that all modules are taught/trained by Andrew to appropriate Hospice personnel to have 100% participation and everyone in 100% agreement and on board with the Model and Standards…”


Deena Nelson, The Elizabeth Hospice