Compensation and the Model Workshop Aug 14-15

June 30, 2017 - 1:56pm -- bill.taylor@mul...

The Compensation Workshop is next month and filling up fast!

Compensation is the most POWERUL STRUCTURAL tool a Manager has to create a happy and productive work atmosphere with ultrastrong
Accountability. This workshop is for the most forward-thinking Hospices. 100% of Hospices that operate in the 90th percentile
have great compensation systems. Yes, 100%! A Hospice’s most dramatic advances in quality and profits will come from movements of
Talent and the compensation of that Talent. A great compensation system makes management VASTLY easier. Compensation systems
also directly impact an organization’s People Attraction and Retention system. Talent must be retained over the long-term as the turnover
of Talent is the biggest destroyer of quality. A great compensation system is a key! Get rid of the “poverty mindset” regarding how
you reward staff! Why not pay better than the hospital or other healthcare entities? In Hospice, compensation is your LARGEST cost, so
why not adapt your compensation system creatively to get the performance and behaviors you need? Compensation is the fastest way
out of financial troubles, as well as one of the most effective structural means to create a healthy Hospice culture. In this program, participants
will learn to use compensation as a tool to foster the behaviors and results desired at a Hospice. Bring a laptop with Microsoft
Excel, a clinical team’s compensation information as well as compensation information for an Indirect area. This information will not be
shared with the group but will be used by the participant to work out a system that can be emulated and utilized upon return to his or her
respective organization. Compensation was the beginning of MVI. It is where we started as a company. MVI only holds the Compensation
& the Model Workshop annually. This is a 1½ day program. NASBA Approved: 12 CPE Hours. NABA Approved: 12 CPE Hours.
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Program: The MVI CFO Program:
“The CFO workshop is the most effective way to obtain the tools the CFO needs in the toolbox! Simple, clear, effective and awesome are a few ways to characterize those tools. The CFO can be a change agent to assist the Hospice agency to become a World-Class service organization it is called to be!”


Brenda Mayhall, Hospice of Marshall County