Inpatient Units & The Model

Inpatient Units & the Model


This program covers the Best Known Practices to-date regarding the management of Hospice IPUs so that they can be financially viable based on our work with 174+ IPUs. This program also has direct application to Continuous Care programs. Bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel, the reports you currently use to manage your IPU, Medicare rates (GIP, Routine, CC), average hourly rate by discipline and cost information regarding your Hospice’s current IPU operations. This is a 1½ day program.

NASBA CEU/CPE hours: 12


Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate perspective on current Hospice IPU financial results.
  • List the primary factors of Hospice IPU success.
  • Explain the Best Known Practices regarding IPU profitability.
  • Breakout: Work with your data to develop a Model specifically for your IPU operations.
Participants will learn: 
Gain Perspective on current hospice IPU financial results.
Learn the Primary Factors of hospice IPU success.
Discover the best known practices regarding IPU profitability.
Breakout: Working with Your Data to develop a Model. specifically for your IPU operations.
Flat Rock, NC | The MVI Retreat Center
Training Introduction: 
Hospice Inpatient Unit financial losses are epidemic…and it is getting worse. This program will convey the best known practices to-date regarding the management of hospice IPUs so that they can be financially viable.
Training Date: 
Monday, April 6, 2020 - 8:16am to Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 12:30pm

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Andrew Reed, CPA
MVI Staff
$1,750 per participant ($250 discount with early registration)
Group Live
CPE Hours: 
12 CPE Hours
Scheduled Training: 
Future Dates TBA


Program: People Development & the Model:
“This program requires the attendee to step out of their comfort zone and take a HARD look at their practice of training…and to realize it is often done very poorly.”


Bobbi Len, Northern Illinois Hospice