Inpatient Units & The Model

The cumulative impact of IPU losses are “millions” that could be used to pay staff well or build much needed financial reserves.

Hospice IPU losses are epidemic and are now at a median that exceeds -18%!!! And the 90th percentile IPUs have a 14% profit!!! Why? These losses are unnecessary if a few structural changes in operations are made. A CEO has to make up his or her mind when enough is enough… Some Hospices lose money every month and don’t even blink an eye!   

As an Integrous CEO, you want to do the best job you can and expose yourself to material that will be helpful.  If you are the CEO of a Hospice with an IPU that is losing money, YOU need to know how to run an IPU so that you can teach and model what you want your IPU Manager to do. Therefore, we highly recommend this program to CEOs as well as the Managers of IPUs. Look at the price you are paying everyday by tolerating an IPU that loses money unnecessarily! 

Most of the time, a CEO will send an IPU Manager to this program and expect the person to come back and “do it.” Some can, many can’t. Why? It is because the IPU Manager does not have the power to implement many of the “Structures” needed to make the IPU profitable! Most cost and quality problems of an organization are effectively addressed via changes in structures and processes. Most people want to do a good job but lack the supportive tools and direction. This program will help, not only with turning an IPU around financially, but will have overlapping value for other business segments such as your core Hospice operations! 

Cost:  $1,750 per attendee. MVI offers a $250 discount for participants that register 1 month prior to a program. This helps us with planning as we try to provide high-quality events with tremendous attention to the details of the experience.

Participants will learn: 
Gain Perspective on current hospice IPU financial results.
Learn the Primary Factors of hospice IPU success.
Discover the best known practices regarding IPU profitability.
Breakout: Working with Your Data to develop a Model. specifically for your IPU operations.
Flat Rock, NC | The MVI Retreat Center
Training Introduction: 
Hospice Inpatient Unit financial losses are epidemic…and it is getting worse. This program will convey the best known practices to-date regarding the management of hospice IPUs so that they can be financially viable.
Andrew Reed, CPA
MVI Staff
$1,750 per participant ($250 discount with early registration)
Group Live
CPE Hours: 
NASBA Approved: 12 CPE Hours
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Program: People Development & the Model:
“You ROCK! Thank you so much on what you are doing for our Hospice! We are on the road to SUCCESS with MVI’s partnership! We Love You and your TEAM!”


Kristie Merton, Hospice of Marshall County