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March 2020 - Regional Differences of the Impact of Covid-19

February 2020 - 2 Helpful Ideas for CEOs: Directional Correctness and Pattern Recognition - Operational Info on Palliative Care Financial Success! Plus Home Health! - Register Now for Our Upcoming Inpatient Unit Tough Training on April 6-7

January 2020 - What has changed in the New MVI Model? - Benchmarking - The Value of Benchmarking - Technical Aspects of the MVI Benchmarking System

December 2019 - Breakthroughs in the Compensation System Implementations - MVI Tough Training Schedule - New Model NPR%s in January 2020, Especially for Hospice IPUs!!! - Modular Visit Steps

November 2019 - Cross-Training Indirects - Data-Grids: ADC and Pharmacy - MagicViews! The Clinical Dashboard for ANY EMR! - MVI Tough Training Schedule

October 2019 - Benchmarking Data-Grids: Comparison by ADC & Pharmacy Vendor Comparison - MVI Tough Training Schedule

September 2019 - Teaching the Spirituality of Accountability - MVI Tough Training Schedule

August 2019 - The CEO Retreat - People Developement & the Model Workshop - MVI Tough Training Schedule

July 2019 - Results of the Compensation System! - Compensation & the Model Workshop - The Steps in Sequence of Hospices that Go Days & Sometimes Weeks without Documentation Errors or Complaints - Why MVI Matters Now!

June 2019 - What are the Most Practical Things a CEO Can Do to Make Significant Operational Improvements? - Compensation & the Model - MVI Tough Training Schedule

May 2019 - Why the Compensation System? Because the Hard Truth is that Most Clinical Managers will Not Hold their People Accountable... - Why are we FOCUSING on the Clinical Manager? - MVI Tough Training Schedule

April 2019 - Video Interview with Edo Banach from the NHPCO - Hospices have 2 Years to Prep for the Medicare Advantage Carve-In - 3 Areas of Focus for the Medicare Advantage Carve-In - There is Still Time to Register for the Extraordinary Clinical Manager

March 2019 - The Hospice Medicare Advantage Survival Guide 19.3! - Where to start? The Hospice Medicare Advantage Carve-In! - Why Would a Medicare Advantage Provider Want to Contract with You? - The CFO and CEO Programs - Updated Specifically for the Medi

February 2019 - New! Resources for Key Frustrations Document available now on our website - Fix Your IPU! Registration is open now for our IPU Workshop in March! - 2019 Dates for all MVI Tough Training Workshops

January 2019 - One Hospice Finds the Key to Teaching the Feeling - MVI Tough Training Schedule - Download the 3 Latest MP3's

December 2018 - 2019! Our Great Opportunity! - 2019 Dates for all MVI Tough Training Workshops - If you are looking to supercharge your organization's growth & maximize potential, give us a call to discuss our Magic! service line

November 2018 - A New MVI Box for clients containing some truly transformational materials - 2019 Dates added for all MVI Tough Training Workshops - If you are looking to supercharge your organization's growth & maximize potential, give us a call to discu

October 2018 - Getting Clear about Financial Statements - What Financial Reports Do you Manage With? - Download the 3 Core MVI Audio Messages from multiview.com now! - The CFO Program will be held Nov. 12-14

September 2018 - Revolutionizing Bereavement: Why not use the latest technologies and methods? - 3 Core MVI Audio Messages for your organization's People Development - Andrew's single Cure My Mind is charting & he will be opening for Sarah McLachlan!



Program: People Development & the Model:
“Informative, innovative information presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Eye-opening as we reviewed so many NEW concepts in the world of Hospice! You’ve given me a lot to think about… THANK YOU!”


~Patricia Oren, Hinds Hospice