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The Most Transformative Brochure You Will Ever Pick Up!

Accountability - Presented Live at the 2015 NHPCO MLC - MP3

Becoming a Great Hospice Board Member - MP3/CD

CYMA - The Accounting Choice for Hospice - MP3/CD

The Model - Balancing Purpose and Profit - MP3/CD


Resources for Key Frustrations - Edition 2.0 - 19.13 - PDF

Steps to Implement the Model - 18.2 - PDF

The Hospice Medicare Advantage Carve-In Survival Guide - 19.3.8 - PDF

There is a need for a Managed Care Collective 19.8


The Most Transformative Brochure You Will Ever Pick Up!

Model Teaching Tool - v18.6

MVI Chart of Accounts UPDATE 2014

MVI Compensation Survey 2019

You Can't Be Extraordinary Without Extraordinary People Development Systems - Presentation Slides


Bad Hospice Accounting Practices - Video

Best Known Practice: On-Call - Video

Conversations with Outliers: Benjamin Edy - Video

Conversations with Outliers: Michaela Vandersee - Video

Conversations with Outliers: Rhonda Osbourne - Video

Conversations with Outliers: Rita Burch - Video



Program: People Development & the Model:
“Informative, innovative information presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Eye-opening as we reviewed so many NEW concepts in the world of Hospice! You’ve given me a lot to think about… THANK YOU!”


~Patricia Oren, Hinds Hospice