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Accountability - Presented Live at the 2015 NHPCO MLC

Basic Hospice Accounting

Becoming a Great Hospice Board Member

Becoming Great

CEO Preparation for the Model

CYMA - The Accounting Choice for Hospice

Five Things Your Hospice Needs To Do Now

Hospice Hell

Profitability - Making Your Hospice a Financial Success

The Model - Balancing Purpose and Profit

Visit Scenario 1 - Visual Teacher Aid - Average American

Visit Scenario 2 - Visual Teacher Aid - Bad Experience

Visit Scenario 3 - Visual Teacher Aid - Deep South

Visit Scenario 4 - Visual Teacher Aid - Service Failure

Visit Scenario 5- Visual Teacher Aid - Visit From Hell


Accountability Contracts for Employees - Management


Aggregate CAP Tool from CMS

Inpatient and CC Management and Planning Model Tool Instructions

Model Decision Dashboard Demo

Model Teaching Tool - v18.2



Program: People Development & the Model
“Informative, innovative information presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Eye-opening as we reviewed so many NEW concepts in the world of Hospice! You’ve given me a lot to think about… THANK YOU!”
~Patricia Oren, Hinds Hospice