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You Can't Be Extraordinary Without Extraordinary People Development Systems - Presentation Slides


Bad Hospice Accounting Practices

Best Known Practice: Admissions & On-Call

Compensation and The Model (part 1 of 2)

Conversations with Outliers: Benjamin Edy

Conversations with Outliers: Michaela Vandersee

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Edo Banach at MVI's Studio

IPU Units & The Model-PROMO

Marketing Design Webinar Spring 2018

Model IRMs

Model Organization



Program: People Development & the Model
“The training was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed learning how important Spirituality was in the success of an organization. I was challenged to improve my skills and those within my department and agency. The conference site is wonderful and being surrounded by nature is calming. It was nice to spend time learning in an environment with minimal to no disruptions. The food was excellent!”
~Jessica Duffy, Hospice of Southern Maine