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Big Concepts to Keep in Mind - People Development

Capital Campaign Expense - Accounting

Compensation and Human Behavior - Compensation

Compensation and the Model - Compensation

Construction Points - Inpatient Units

Continuing Education - People Development

Contribution Margin Approach - Management

Creating the Synthetic Training Space - People

Credit Card Review - Management

Dependence on Community Support - Fundraising

Destroying Not-For-Profit Mentalities Regarding Profitability - Profitability

Develop a Profit Plan - Profitability

Economies of Scale? Indirect Costs - Profitability

Eliminate On-Call As We Know It - Management

Example of a Comprehensive One Page Model Report - Management

Financial Solutions: 54 Truths You Need to Know - Inpatient Units

Grow Through Nursing Homes - Growth

Growing Your Hospice - Growth

Hospices That Measure Dramatically Outperform Hospices That Don’t - Management

Ideal Chart of Accounts Structure - Accounting



Program: People Development & the Model
“I am very excited to bring this information back to my agency. Although we are Home Health, the concepts and direction will definitely work!”
~Terri Sheehan, PSF Home Health