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Big Concepts to Keep in Mind - People Development

Capital Campaign Expense - Accounting

Compensation and Human Behavior - Compensation

Compensation and the Model - Compensation

Construction Points - Inpatient Units

Continuing Education - People Development

Contribution Margin Approach - Management

Creating the Synthetic Training Space - People

Credit Card Review - Management

Dependence on Community Support - Fundraising

Destroying Not-For-Profit Mentalities Regarding Profitability - Profitability

Develop a Profit Plan - Profitability

Economies of Scale? Indirect Costs - Profitability

Eliminate On-Call As We Know It - Management

Example of a Comprehensive One Page Model Report - Management

Financial Solutions: 54 Truths You Need to Know - Inpatient Units

Grow Through Nursing Homes - Growth

Growing Your Hospice - Growth

Hospices That Measure Dramatically Outperform Hospices That Don’t - Management

Ideal Chart of Accounts Structure - Accounting



Program: People Development & the Model
“Andrew, thank you for being a GREAT TEACHER! The information and ideas that you presented have impacted my professional and personal life… Your enthusiasm and motivation are contagious! I can’t wait to develop Standards, implement System7 and make Mountain Valley Hospice the best ever! The ripple effect will impact many people, employees, patients and families. Thank you! WOW!”
Anna Marie Hoyer, Mountain Valley Hospice