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The CEO Retreat - Virtual Tough Training

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Inpatient Units and the Model - Virtual Tough Training

MVI Webinar - The Simple Way to Manage a Hospice on a Month to Month Basis for TOP Results

MVI Webinar - Raise Your Quality FAST!

MVI Webinar - The Perfect TeleHospice Visit

MVI Webinar - How Hospices have Decreased Turnover to 5% and Attract Top Talent! With Covid-19 showing us a Few Things!

MVI Webinar - The Best Hospice Strategy...NOW!

Perfect Visits & Synthetic Lab Presentation



“Andrew, thank you for being a GREAT TEACHER! The information and ideas that you presented have impacted my professional and personal life… Your enthusiasm and motivation are contagious! I can’t wait to develop Standards, implement System7 and make Mountain Valley Hospice the best ever! The ripple effect will impact many people, employees, patients and families. Thank you! WOW!”


Anna Marie Hoyer, Mountain Valley Hospice