MVI Media

MVI Media

MVI Media is a specialized subsidiary of Multi-View Incorporated that creates high-quality, proprietary audio products for Hospices & Homecare organizations wanting to increase the effectiveness of their People Development efforts at modest cost. MVI provides editable visit and phone interaction script templates and production advice from which we produce a high-quality audio file. Believe it or not, the quality of the audio is the dominant element that separates professional from amateur productions as harsh or “Tinny” records wear on the ear quickly! 

The “Best Known Practice” is low cost and effective!  Pictures (still photos and images put into PowerPoint slides for Visit Structures and Phone Interaction Design) are MORE powerful than video footage! Exact images are what you want! These images (IRMs) are “burned” into consciousness along with the audio explaining each image in a video or slideshow. If a video is put together, it should be put together in one of two possible ways (perhaps both if they don’t confuse):


  • A “still” slide presentation video with verbal narration. This can be an “still image” video or a PowerPoint slide presentation. This narration should be also supplied in CD or MP3 format for car use. MVI Media produces professional audio for many organizations in our studio. We also have a lot of IRM images as well. All an organization does is create/select its images (IRMs) and sends us the script. We then put it together! The “still slide” presentation is what a Teacher needs to teach to as part of System7. This “slide video” is used for reinforcement and to save Teacher Energy with a consistent, predicable impression! It also is the basis for the MP3 which you will issue your staff for learning/reinforcement when driving.
  • A collection of “best” and “worst” video segments will naturally accumulate from running the Synthetic Labs. We recommend that all of the visits in the lab are videoed! You will amass TONS of great videos (and some really bad ones so have your “release of video rights” form ready to go!). Plus you will have TONS of great “still shots” for slide improvements! You will ALSO have the audio that captures the best way a clinician has handled tough challenges in your scenarios as the audio can be transferred to CD/MP3!


Specialized audio and audio/visual media should be major teaching tools employed at your organization. These media productions should:

  • Be designed around actual brain function and help an organization Standardize clinical/customer service practices as actions are associated with images and memorable words and phrases, incorporating IRMs (Image Recall Mechanisms)
  • Allow an organization to focus on content rather than the production
  • Redeem “windshield” time for training as the mind will replay the images when a high-quality audio file is listened to while driving
  • Provide teachers with time-saving tools
  • Provide a consistent experience/message
  • Transcend logistical issues such as multiple locations
  • Provide a low-cost means to reinforcing learning on an on-going basis
  • Reduce training time

Contact MVI if you have questions or need MVI to assist in this area! Get your Image Recall Mechanisms (IRMs™) in place to cue or trigger specific behaviors at specific times!


Program: People Development & the Model
“The training was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed learning how important Spirituality was in the success of an organization. I was challenged to improve my skills and those within my department and agency. The conference site is wonderful and being surrounded by nature is calming. It was nice to spend time learning in an environment with minimal to no disruptions. The food was excellent!”
~Jessica Duffy, Hospice of Southern Maine