People Development & The Model

People Development & the Model Workshop


How can a Hospice be extraordinary without having an extraordinary People Development program? The truth is, it can’t. A Hospice cannot become an Outlier that lives in the extremities of the bell curve without effective and efficient Talent 1) Attraction, 2) Selection, 3) Development and 4) Retention processes. This truly revolutionary workshop FOCUSES on creating a World-Class training system for your organization where the paradigm of the Hospice changes to that of a “teaching organization” first and foremost. In this fascinating program, we will explore the teaching practices of Master-Class teachers and organizations in-depth and how these practices translate to a Hospice organization. How to Teach Perfect Visits with Perfect Documentation and Perfect Phone Interactions will receive extreme emphasis as these are essential in order to create an extraordinary service experience. The workshop is directed towards the CEO and anyone that instructs, coordinates training or should be teaching at a Hospice such as the COO, senior leadership and Clinical Managers. People Development IS the center of your Hospice universe as the mission is only accomplished through people. In our humble opinion, it is a fantasy to think otherwise.

NASBA CPE hours: 16

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the utter importance of moving to the paradigm of a teaching organization first and foremost.
  • Learn the methods of Master-Class teachers and organizations.
  • Describe how to construct an innovative, effective and efficient People Development system with special emphasis on teaching the Visit and Phone Interactions, two of the areas that must be addressed to create an extraordinary customer experience.
Flat Rock, NC | The MVI Retreat Center
Training Introduction: 
There is no topic that is more important! It is a complete fantasy to think that an organization can become extraordinary without devoting incredible intention towards developing its people.
Training Date: 
Monday, October 5, 2020 - 8:16am to Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 5:00pm

Price - $1,750 per participant. MVI offers a $250 discount for participants that register 1 month prior to a program. This helps us with planning as we try to provide high-quality events with tremendous attention to the details of the experience.

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Andrew Reed, CPA
$1,750 per participant ($250 discount with early registration)
Group Live
CPE Hours: 
16 CPE Hours


“I have been in a leadership position for more than 30 years and this has been the BEST experience in leadership development! This program made it seem simple and Andrew’s delivery of the content was excellent!”


Terry Sercombe’s, Capital Caring