Build Your Organization's Model Based on the Best Practices of the 90th Percentile!

MVI Network Members may click here to to access A Clear Path to "Doing the Model." It's our most concise step by step approach to building your organization's Model.

There are a few ways to “Do the Model.” But all of the ways involve these basic steps. Reviewing this “list” is normally insufficient to move people to implementation. There is an Emotional factor involved which may be overcoming fear or charging you up enough to dig deeper into Best Known Practices, the practices of the 90th percentile, the Outliers!  The Model is the “play book” or the “concentration of the best practices” in one place. That is, it is almost like a Hot Rod or Borg thing where all of the best practices that we aware of are brought together as if they were all used by a single organization! No single organization is using all best practices simultaneously. In addition, the Model is being upgraded on an almost daily basis as a practice is discovered or it is improved upon. Sometimes a practice improvement is very subtle. Perhaps it is a single word or phrase during an Admission or regular visit, for example, that manages an expectation far beyond the typical language. MVI simply updates our materials starting with the workbooks and then we post materials to the website. We feel when people are coming for a workshop or doing a Model Workshop, they deserve the latest and the greatest. Usually Model Workbook #5, which we use for the Proprietary Model Workshop, is the first place a best practice is communicated or the topical workbooks used in the People Development, Compensation, Inpatient Units, Clinical Manager or CEO/CFO programs.   

MVI Network Members may click here to to access A Clear Patch to "Doing the Model." It's our most concise step-by-step approach to building your organization's Model. And you can start right now.

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“The CFO workshop is the most effective way to obtain the tools the CFO needs in the toolbox! Simple, clear, effective and awesome are a few ways to characterize those tools. The CFO can be a change agent to assist the Hospice agency to become a World-Class service organization it is called to be!”


Brenda Mayhall, Hospice of Marshall County