Who We Are

Who We Are

MVI is an expert consulting & teaching organization in the implementation of

  • Perfect Visits with Perfect Documentation
  • Compensation Systems
  • Revolutionary Financial Systems

Perfect = To the Organization’s Standards

MVI has worked with over 1,000 healthcare organizations, with special emphasis in the post-acute domain especially Hospice and Homecare, to help clients create a near-flawless, coherent, integrated system of care. Because most of healthcare is broken and functions in silos, an organization can separate itself from the 50th percentile (the Herd) more easily than one might think by FOCUSING on the key elements that matter most. This will cure most all quality and financial woes automatically and with the least effort.  All quality and financial results come from the practices and processes employed by an organization. Therefore, an organization wanting to increase its quality and/or economic performance would want to utilize the “Best Known Practices” or best ways of operating. MVI is an operational powerhouse that consolidates the practices of the 90th percentile and systemizes them for assimilation by our clients. 

COST: MVI does not hide behind long-term contracts. All is month-to-month and we can be discharged if you are ever displeased. MVI’s core services are a low-cost, subscription-based flat fee (around $675 per month for both Network and Benchmarking). This includes preparation of (1) Medicare Cost Report using our proprietary System51. We have not increased our rates for Network or Benchmarking (our core services) in 23 years of business. Why? Because we manage with the same practices we espouse. We also offer a service called Magic! where we directly assist in the implementation of your Model. There is really no cost to this service as the results will normally produce Net Operational Income 200-300% greater than the average in a respective healthcare sector with fees included.

The Model = A teaching convention where MVI consolidates the practices of the 90th percentile into a single platform for assimilation by clients


The Model = The Creation of a High-Quality, Predictable Experience

What is MVI in 167 Words…

Perhaps no other organization has meticulously considered and cared enough about the Hospice, Homecare and post-acute experience to breakdown and systematize everything from phone interactions to clinical visits to revolutionary bereavement to enormous utilization of volunteers to the economic welfare of the mission. After working with over 1,000 healthcare entities, MVI starts with Benchmarking for professional perspective and guides an organization all the way through the Model with its establishment of 1) Clear, 2) Impressive and 3) Sustainable Standards. Then via extraordinary People Development, an organization with near-flawless quality is created, where it can go days, sometimes weeks, and even “thousands of visits or interactions” between complaints, service failures or documentation errors. Economic results are often 200-300% above average and are a natural byproduct of radically increased quality. This is the reality in the modern healthcare world IF the practices of the 90th are adopted. In a healthcare world that is falling apart, there can be something that actually works… This can and should be your organization!


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MVI has grown, not from clever ads, but by standing behind what we say… Healthcare is a small world and a reputation, good or bad, spreads quickly. Call our references and ask them what they think… Meet The Team >>>

MVI has multiplied into several different companies including Multi-View Incorporated Systems (operated in Hendersonville, NC) and Multi-View Incorporated Benchmarking (operated in Vero Beach, Florida). MVI’s conference and media facilities are located in Flat Rock, NC.  We market all three companies under the MVI banner to create a seamless experience for our customers, even though each company operates as a distinct entity.


“Informative, innovative information presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Eye-opening as we reviewed so many NEW concepts in the world of Hospice! You’ve given me a lot to think about… THANK YOU!”


~Patricia Oren, Hinds Hospice