Who We Are

Who We Are

MVI was formed in 1996​ to provide extraordinary management systems and quantified “Best Known Practices” exclusively for the Hospice & Homecare world. An organization has to choose what it is going to be extraordinary at as it can’t be extraordinary at everything… We are Management (with all it encompasses) focused…and bring RELIEF to organizations by making work and Management vastly EASIER though the use of structures and systems.  

MVI is a simple concept…

We provide high-value benchmarking and then systematize the practices of the 90th percentile into the Model for Hospice and Homecare organizations though a “life-changing” service experience…

Through our data automated extraction systems and Network of clients, MVI has compiled more Hospice operational (cost and quality) data than perhaps any other entity in the world. We put this valuable perspective at our clients' fingertips via our proprietary data software that works with ANY accounting or EMR system. MVI also has implemented more Hospice financial systems than any other entity as well as prepared more Hospice Cost Reports. But to the surprise of many, MVI is also the expert organization on the design of clinical visits and phone interactions. As MVI works with hundreds and hundreds of organizations, our media team has videoed and broken down, frame-by-frame, the most elite clinicians for purpose of developing training systems to replicate 100% adherence to the Standards of an organization on a day-to-day basis. Where organizations can go “months” or “thousands of visits” between service failures or complaints…  Sound unbelievable? Welcome to the world of the Outlier!

MVI is about high-trust, long-term relationships. We do not hide behind long-term contracts as VALUE must be proven everyday… Thus, a client can cancel if they are ever dissatisfied, a rarity in our world… Regarding price, we have not increased the rates of any client for Network/Benchmarking services since our beginning 20 years ago. This is only possible through excellent Management, and an Integrous company needs to model such management or they are less than honest…

We are specialized consultants, but view ourselves as Teachers, because we actually teach and teaching is how quality, in all of its forms, is replicated…using the teaching practices of the 90th percentile in conjunction with our specialized systems and software.

We have grown, not from clever ads, but by standing behind what we say… Hospice is a small world and a reputation, good or bad, spreads quickly. Call our references and ask them what they think… Meet The Team >>>

MVI has multiplied into several different companies including Multi-View Incorporated Systems (operated in Hendersonville, NC) and Multi-View Incorporated Benchmarking (operated in Vero Beach, Florida). MVI’s conference and media facilities are located in Flat Rock, NC.  We market all three companies under the MVI banner to create a seamless experience for our customers, even though each company operates as a distinct entity.


Program: People Development & the Model:
“You ROCK! Thank you so much on what you are doing for our Hospice! We are on the road to SUCCESS with MVI’s partnership! We Love You and your TEAM!”


Kristie Merton, Hospice of Marshall County