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MVI is an expert consulting & teaching organization in the implementation of:

1) Perfect Visits with Perfect Documentation

2) Compensation Systems

3) Revolutionary Financial Systems

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Perfect Visits with Perfect Documentation will SURGE your CAHPS Scores!

REVOLUTIONARY Healthcare Consulting, teaching the Operational Practices of the 90th Percentile!

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The Model is where we combine all of the known practices of the 90th percentile for our Network clients. The Model is a “system of care” where everything in the patient/family experience is meticulously considered. It has resulted in the highest levels of quality and economic performance in the history of Hospice with direct application to all Homecare and Health Systems.  Get started now!

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Please check out our Free & Client Accessed Resources for improving your Hospice. Check out our Best Known Practices, Videos, Audio, Workbooks, Tools, and Real-Views. Start now 

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Join the MVI Network and access the Management Application, E-Normous Library, Best Known Practices, Medicare Cost Report preparation and more for only $400/month. NO long-term contracts! No risk! Read More