F9 Financial Report Writer

The Most Powerful Financial Report Writer

F9 is an “add-in” to Microsoft Excel that enables individuals to “read” General Ledger data and leverage it with all of the power that Microsoft has put into Excel.

Most people are familiar with Excel. Therefore, they already know 95% of what is needed to use F9. Learn 3 or 4 formulas and you're in business…

It was designed to handle virtually all situations that a hospice would face including growth, the cost report, board, & management reporting.

  • Account Analysis
  • Medium Level Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • The Benchmarking System
  • Hospice Budget System

Top Financial Indicators

  • Percentage of Net Patient Revenue – Perhaps the best basis for hospice financial measurement and comparison.
  • ADC (Regular and Nursing Homes) Drives everything… mission, costs, revenue, etc.
  • Days in Account Receivable Out of cash… out of business.
  • Patient Day Costs by Segment The most used hospice measurement, good for comparability, but limited regarding productivity info.
  • Variable Costs The key to successful financial management. If this is out of control, it is impossible to do well financially.
  • Fixed Cost % - Computed on a Net Patient Revenue basis. This is the #1 area where hospices get out of control.
  • Average Visits Per Day by Discipline This measurement is needed as a supplement to Patient-Day. It tells us if we are getting value for PR dollars.
  • Fully-Absorbed Visit-Hour Cost by Discipline This is the KEY to understand costs by diagnosis, age, referral source, etc. These costs are loaded into your patient care system.
  • Return Per Dollar of Development Expenditures Since community support is an important element, or even competitive advantage, it needs some attention.
  • Days in Accounts Receivable - Out of cash…out of business.

F9 is automatically included with the CYMA Hospice Accounting bundle, and we provide our clients with a library of F9 reports designed for hospice.


Program: People Development & the Model:
“Andrew, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. The Hospice world is ever-changing and I am and that we in conjunction with MVI and other Hospices are focusing on accountability, integrity and quality care for patients and families.  You are an interesting teacher and inspirational as well! I appreciated all the modes of training and the delicious food! I look forward to continuing our partnership and growing our Hospice! Thank you!”


Bethany Condit, Mountain Valley Hospice