MagicViews! is a Clinical Dashboard that overlays onto any EMR to give Clinical Managers laser-beam FOCUS on what is important to manage their teams!

MVI extracts often “difficult to get and scattered” data from your EMR, and then delivers it weekly to Clinical Managers in a coherent, highly organized dashboard according to how the 90th percentile Hospices manage. This eliminates the conundrum of wasting time running a bunch of reports that confuse and overwhelm...with ZERO effort on your part!

The Dashboard includes:

  • Visits 20 Minutes and Under
  • Visits 90 Minutes and Over
  • Patients with Over 5 Visits
  • Patients with No Visits
  • Number of Visits Per Clinician
  • On-Call Visits
  • Admissions Visits
  • Patients with No RN Supervisory Visits
  • Pharmacy and Medical Supplies (if requested)

This is the imperative clinical information to help identify patients with a high probability of being out of the Plan of Care and keep any Hospice Organization at top performance, moving forward as an Outlier, and away from the Herd. These sleek Dashboards make it easy for Clinical Managers to understand where adjustments need to be made in order to truly FOCUS on the Patient Chair.

Click the Picture Below to View Our Demo:

All Dashboards are based on the information we can obtain from your EMR System and are for a one-week snapshot as increased frequency is not needed by Clinical Managers. MVI simply processes the data from our extraction and does not keep historical data for any other use.

If you are interested in MagicViews!, please contact the MVI team today!

MagicViews! is $1800.00 per month for up to two teams. It is $100.00 per month for each additional team added.


“The training was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed learning how important Spirituality was in the success of an organization. I was challenged to improve my skills and those within my department and agency. The conference site is wonderful and being surrounded by nature is calming. It was nice to spend time learning in an environment with minimal to no disruptions. The food was excellent!”


~Jessica Duffy, Hospice of Southern Maine