Meet the Team

Multi-View Incorporated Systems

Andrew Reed, CPA/System Analyst, Hospice Consultant
President and CEO

Andrew is one of the most influential people in the United States regarding the business operations of Hospice. He is perhaps best known for “the Model” - a modern approach to Hospice management which creates a high-quality, predictable experience that is financially balanced. The Model helps Hospices bring meticulous intention to virtually every aspect of the care experience including phone interactions, visit structures as well as indirect areas that support the frontlines of care. The innovations have helped to create some of the most successful Hospice platforms in the history of the movement resulting in the highest valuations, quality scores and phenomenal economic performance. Andrew has worked with over 850 Hospices over the past 20+ years.

Andrew formed Multi-View Incorporated (MVI) in 1996 to provide assistance to Hospices specifically in the business area. Since then, MVI has multiplied into several different companies including MVI, MVI Systems, MVI Benchmarking and MVI Media. Andrew has personally visited hundreds of Hospices.

Bill Taylor, CPA
Manager of Magic! Services

Bill Taylor joined MVI in 2011 and found a home. He’s a CPA, Hospice consultant, and manages the MVI Systems teams. Bill helps clients implement their Model, compensation systems and Hospice accounting practices. He also helps support CYMA and F9 while working on MVI’s cost report team.  He’s most at home talking with MVI clients, helping their work flow move smoothly and more efficiently. He can be found at many MVI Conferences and Workshops soaking up the electricity created when Andrew teaches Hospice leaders the business of Hospice.


Network Team

Troy Gehrke
Manager of Network Services
Troy works with clients regarding their F9, CYMA Training and Support. He is also on the MVI Team that prepares Medicare Cost Reports for our clients. Troy has a Bachelor of Science in Financial Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and thoroughly enjoys working with MVI’s Hospice clients.


John Powell
Accounting & System Consultant
John is an accountant and Hospice consultant with systems administration experience. Before joining MVI, he worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit) assisting them in developing custom financial reports and electronic information integration. While formally retired, John continues to work with Multi-View during the busy Medicare Cost Report season.

JT Lapp
CYMA Technical Support and Installation Specialist
JT joined CYMA after working in the world of database management and digital education. His expertise in learning management systems makes JT the perfect person to oversee MVI’s continuing education programs. JT’s technical experience helps MVI clients keep their CYMA and F9 working optimally on several platforms.


Michelle Ellsworth, CPA
General Manager
Michelle is a CPA with Health Care, consulting, management and audit experience. She works with clients regarding their F9, CYMA Training and Support and is on the Cost Report Team!  She’s also MVI’s go-to for Excel-related heavy lifting.  Michelle loves to assist clients in implementing their Vision using the MVI Model!


Justin Wall
IT Specialist
Justin is MVI's IT Specialist. A natural Captain at heart, he keeps the MVI ship at full sail with Technology and Services. He handles CYMA and F9 troubleshooting. He also manages the Multi-View website and Online Marketing Analytics.



Rahma Brown
Accounting and Systems Analyst
Rahma is an Accountant with Health Care experience. She handles CYMA, F9, supports Payroll functions, and is also on the Cost Report Team. A world traveler by the age of 11, Rahma has many stories to tell. She smiles while on the phone and likes to make our clients smile as well!



Nancy Mueller,
Systems and Model Analyst
Nancy joins the MVI team after spending several years as an MVI client in the world of Hospice finance. She provides support for CYMA, F9, supports Payroll functions, and is a member of the Cost Report Team. She has a Bachelor's of Business Administration with a specialty in Account from St. Mary's College. Notre Dame, IN.


Wayne Redden
Chief Media Engineer
Wayne heads up MVI's media services. He is an accomplished musician and audio engineer; having earned a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. After graduated in 2015, he went on to work at multiple recording studios & live-music venues in Western North Carolina. Wayne loves being able to inject his creative energy into the MVI projects he's involved with!

Media Production Engineer
Sam is part of the MVI Media team. He worked as a camp director in New Mexico for many years before joining MVI. He is a talented songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. He also oversees the maintenance needs of our Executive Conference Center and edits most MVI videos.


Multi-View Incorporated Benchmarking

David Ash
Director of Benchmarking Operations
David heads Multi-View Incorporated Benchmarking. He is an expert in software integration, report design, and technical accounting solutions. He has personally trained hundreds of Hospices on CYMA, F9, Crystal Reports and other applications since early 1999. His knowledge and vast experience with patient-management, accounting, payroll, and donor systems makes him one of the most sought-after consultants in this area. David is also a master of data repair and alternative technical solutions.


Ember Pappas
Benchmarking Consultant
Ember is our Management Application (MA) Consultant for Benchmarking. Her work includes the initial set up of clients' MA and training clients in its use, as well as ongoing client support. She currently holds an Associates Accounting degree and is working on completing a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She comes to MVI with a background in education. Her love of learning and helping others lead her to take a position as a tutor in Accounting, (Mathematics, Statistics, & Economics) while in college. She is known for her ability to teach, finding new ways to explain things, and being approachable.


Greg Ash
Benchmarking Consultant
Greg is our Benchmarking Application (BA) Consultant, assisting clients with the installation of the BA on their computers, and providing detailed training on the system. Greg also provides technical support for issues clients may experience when using the system. Greg has 9 years of experience in the I.T. field, working with a wide range of organizations and systems.


Program: The MVI CFO Program:
“The CFO workshop is the most effective way to obtain the tools the CFO needs in the toolbox! Simple, clear, effective and awesome are a few ways to characterize those tools. The CFO can be a change agent to assist the Hospice agency to become a World-Class service organization it is called to be!”


Brenda Mayhall, Hospice of Marshall County