Resources for New Hospices

We want to help every Hospice that we work with to create a high-quality predictable experience for every patient, every time that is financially balanced. If it is done well, it is also phenomenally profitable.

We have created a special collection of resources that will help Hospices prepare for the business realities of Hospice and provide an excellent care experience for the patients and families you serve.

Resources for New Hospices

Hospice Accounting

  • MVI's Hospice Chart of Accounts for QuickBooks (Excel) - QuickBooks is an accounting system that can work well for small hospices IF it is properly configured. The number one most important aspect of any accounting system is its Chart of Accounts. Implementing the MVI Chart of Accounts for Hospice will ensure that your accounting system is ready for the demands of cost analysis, Benchmarking, and the Medicare Cost Report. (If you are using a different accounting system, call or email us. We likely have a version of our Chart of Accounts that will work with your system.)
  • MVI's Chart of Accounts Logic Guidesheet for QuickBooks (PDF) - For Network Clients Only - This desktop reference that will enable you to quickly and easily navigate the MVI Hospice Chart of Accounts. We recommend printing and color and having this guidesheet laminated as it will be a constant reference for accounting staff.
  • Basic Hospice Accounting (Audio) - For Network Clients Only This message is for the person who is new to hospice accounting, which to be done well must be fully understood. All new hospice accountants should listen to this message so they understand pass-throughs, why the Chart of Accounts should be set up a specific way, which critical things need to be monitored, etc.

The Hospice Visit

  • The Model Hospice Nursing (Video) - In order to create a high-quality, predictable experience, staff must be trained in a consistent manner. We created this video as an example for the type of training tools that we feel hospices should create for training their staff. Many hospices have ended up using this "example" video as their training video! If it works for you, we hope you will do the same.
  • The Model Hospice Aide Visit (Video) - For Network Clients Only
  • The Model Social Work Visit (Video) - For Network Clients Only
  • The Model Spiritual Care Visit (Video) - For Network Clients Only
  • The Model Bereavement Visit (Video) For Network Clients Only

Hospice Business Operations (aka "How to be profitable")

  • Explanation of the MVI Model (Video) - "What is the Model?" We hear this question a lot. The goal of the Model is to create a high-quality, predictable experience for everyone.  This video is a great tool to use as you are teaching others in your organization about the Model.
  • People Development and The Model (Audio) - People Development is the center of the universe! Everything that happens at a hospice is because of its people. Therefore, People Development merits tremendous consideration in our view. This message addresses some of the essential questions and is loaded with ideas to get energy and juice into the learning experience. The hospice of the future will view itself not as a "provider of care"; but rather as a teaching organization.
  • Five Thing Your Hospice Needs To Do Now (Audio) - This audio message exhorts hospices to work with intentions and purpose in a systematic way. The message covers the need for a Marketing System, Great Financial Systems, Airtight Fundraising Systems, a Master System Plan, and the absolute need for Training and Retention Systems.

Join the MVI Network. For a low monthly rate, MVI will also provide the following:

  • Set up QuickBooks (or other system) for Hospice Accounting - We implement the MVI Chart of Accounts for Hospice and prepare your system will be ready for the Medicare Cost Report, Benchmarking, and expert cost analysis
  • Teach You Hospice Accounting - We are experts in this area and have set the industry standards for accounting practices. We will teach you what you need to know.
  • We do Your Medicare Cost Report - This is an annual headache that you will want to avoid. We make this a simple straightforward process. Read more about our Cost Report process here.
  • Complete Access to the E-Normous Library and Best Practices - A plethora of audio messages, training videos, tools and articles geared toward making your hospice a financial success.

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“I am very excited to bring this information back to my agency. Although we are Home Health, the concepts and direction will definitely work!”


~Terri Sheehan, PSF Home Health