Tough Training Faculty

Andrew Reed, CPA
President and CEO
Andrew is one of the most influential people in the United States regarding the business operations of hospice. He has introduced many service innovations that have improved economic performance and patient care simultaneously.  He has assisted in the creation of some of the most successful hospice business models centered around the ideas of World-Class Hospice and Designing the Perfect Hospice.  He has worked with hospices for 20 years.  He has been the CFO of many hospice programs and has been the CEO for multiple hospices on an interim basis.

Andrew is the primary instructor for the following programs:

  • The Model Workshop
  • People Development and the Model
  • The Clinical Manager Program
  • Board of Directors: The Hospice of Tomorrow Program
  • The Profitability Program (The CEO Program)
  • Inpatient Units & the Model
  • The CFO Program
  • Compensation & The Model

Bill Taylor, CPA
General Manager of MVI Systems
Bill Taylor joined MVI in 2011 and found a home. He’s a CPA and manages the MVI Systems teams, working closely with department head Troy. Bill helps clients implement their Model and teaches them how their work flow can move more smoothly and efficiently. He leads Multi-View’s Model Review team and makes occasional client visits. Bill also supports Hospice accounting practices, CYMA and F9 while working on MVI’s cost report team. He can be found at many MVI Conferences and Workshops soaking up the electricity created when Andrew teaches Hospice leaders the business of Hospice.




Program: People Development & the Model:
“Andrew, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. The Hospice world is ever-changing and I am and that we in conjunction with MVI and other Hospices are focusing on accountability, integrity and quality care for patients and families.  You are an interesting teacher and inspirational as well! I appreciated all the modes of training and the delicious food! I look forward to continuing our partnership and growing our Hospice! Thank you!”


Bethany Condit, Mountain Valley Hospice