Compensation & The Model

Compensation & the Model


Compensation is your LARGEST cost. Yet most organizations use systems traditional methods and get traditional results. Compensation is the most POWERFUL STRUCTURAL tool a Manager has to create a happy and productive work atmosphere with ultra-strong Accountability. This workshop is for the most forward-thinking Hospices. 100% of Hospices that operate in the 90th percentile have great compensation systems. Yes, 100%!  A Hospice’s most dramatic advances in quality and profits will come from movements of Talent and the compensation of that Talent. A great compensation system makes management VASTLY easier. Compensation systems also directly impact an organization’s People Attraction and Retention system. Talent must be retained over the long-term as the turnover of Talent is the biggest destroyer of quality. A great compensation system is a key! Get rid of the “poverty mindset” regarding how you reward staff! Why not pay better than the hospital or other healthcare entities! Compensation is the fastest way out of financial troubles, as well as one of the most effective structural means to create a healthy Hospice culture. Bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel. Compensation was the beginning of MVI and where we started as a company. MVI only holds the Compensation & the Model Workshop annually. This is a 1½ day program.

NASBA CPE hours: 12

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how to use compensation as a tool to shape behavior & culture.
  • Identify the mechanics of a great compensation system.
  • Discover how to rollout a new compensation system.
  • Breakout: Work with the Excel compensation Models we provide.
Participants will learn: 
Using Compensation as a Tool to Shape Behavior & Culture
The Mechanics of your Compensation System
How to Present a Change in Compensation
Implementation of a Performance Compensation System
Breakout: Working with Your Data
Flat Rock, NC | The MVI Retreat Center
Training Introduction: 
Performance Compensation is the fastest way out of financial troubles as well as one of the most effective structural means to create a healthy Hospice culture.
Training Date: 
Monday, August 17, 2020 - 8:35am to Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 5:00pm

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Andrew Reed, CPA
MVI Staff
$1,750 per participant ($250 discount for early registration)
Group Live
CPE Hours: 
12 CPE Hours
Scheduled Training: 
Future Dates TBA


Program: People Development & the Model:
“The training was EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed learning how important Spirituality was in the success of an organization. I was challenged to improve my skills and those within my department and agency. The conference site is wonderful and being surrounded by nature is calming. It was nice to spend time learning in an environment with minimal to no disruptions. The food was excellent!”


~Jessica Duffy, Hospice of Southern Maine