MVI Network-Model Access


The MVI Network provides access to “the Model” - the Best Known Practices of the 90th percentile! With Network, you get UNLIMITED technical support along with proprietary MVI Snap-On Management Reports that work with any accounting system, Medicare Cost report preparation using System51* AND most importantly, access to our People Development (training) resources as all quality and economic results come from the quality of an organization’s People Systems. These training resources including Clinical Visit, Phone Interaction, Physical Product and Marketing Design as well as modules to help an organization develop Extraordinary Managers, the position where quality is replicated!  

*One Medicare Cost Report is included with Network Services. Additional Cost Reports are $150 each per month.  


A collection of the practices of the 90th percentile available exclusively to MVI Network clients. Gathered directly from the top performing Hospices we have ever encountered and backed up by Benchmarking data. Click Here to review the complete collection of Best Known Practices.


A POWERFUL Management tool that also seamlessly extracts 898 data-points when you also Benchmark with MVI! Regardless of the brand of the accounting system or its configuration, the Management Application extracts and groups your data into standardized and meaningful reports based on time-proven management best practices. At present, over 900 data points are captured. The Management Application also creates Models for  productivity, caseloads, direct labor costs, patient-related costs and as indirect costs. Management Application SAMPLE REPORTS 


We complete your Medicare Cost Report using SYSTEM 51 and THE ALLOCATOR.  Leave the drudgery to us!  MVI completed the very first Medicare Hospice Cost Report, has completed thousands since. Click Here for more information about our Cost Report Process.(Additional Hospice Cost Reports only $150/month--a savings of $800 off our regular cost report rates.)


The Model™ is where MVI consolidates the practices of the 90th percentile into a single Hospice or Homecare organization making it EASY for organizations to make “gigantic”  advances in quality and economic results is a short period of time! It centered around the meticulous and intentional design of virtually every aspect of the care experience including Clinical Visit Design, Phone Interaction Design, Marketing Design all the way to Revolutionary Bereavement Design. Members of the MVI Network receive Model™ workbooks and resources. We also conduct workshops specific to the Model™. Click Here to learn more about the Model™


Covering a plethora of Hospice-related subjects, from design and general operating principles to specific financial management, staff-related issues, marketing, compensation, fund-raising and many other topics. In short, just about everything you ever wanted to know about Hospice & Homecare, but were afraid to ask! Click Here to review the collection.​


Provide your Hospice or Homecare organization with a catalog of visual media for the training of staff. We have an arsenal of Clinical Visit Videos for all Disciplines. In addition, MVI Media engineers can help an organization make their own proprietary videos/audio media and setup synthetic training labs using Best Known Practices and thus avoid expensive but common missteps.  These “teaching tools” help minimize variability using IRMs (Image Recall Mechanisms).  Click here to review these resources. Click Here to review these resources.



Members of the MVI Network receive complete access to our library of Hospice & Homecare tools and reports including the MVI Inpatient Planning Model, Model Teaching Tool, Visit Design Template, Phone Interaction Design Template, CAP calculator, Annual Compensation Survey, Best Board Financial Statement templates, etc. The list goes on and on and more tools and reports are added on a regular basis.  Click Here for the complete list of tools and reports.

It is easy to join the MVI Network and there are no long-term contracts. We can provide you with access to all of our web-based resourced today!  Click Here, or give us a call at 828-698-5885. 


“You ROCK! Thank you so much on what you are doing for our Hospice! We are on the road to SUCCESS with MVI’s partnership! We Love You and your TEAM!”


Kristie Merton, Hospice of Marshall County